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Belly Dancing Class Time Table

07900426091 - taradanceinfo@gmail.com

About the Course -
A fun ten week course of belly dancing classes held in venues in Liverpool city centre, Heswall and Hoylake on the Wirral in Merseyside. Watch the promo video below or 💙the class on TV video is to the top right hand side of this page.

LIVERPOOL City Centre 
Every Wednesday - 7pm Starting 10th January 2018
Elliott Clarke, Liverpool city centre L1-6ER

Every Saturday- 11am starting 13th January 2018
The Parade Community Centre, Hoylake CH47-3AG

£5 taster or £45 full course (£4.50 per pre booked class paid in advance)
EARLY BIRD OFF OF £35 for the ten week course instead of £45 (Ending 5th November)

Other Lessons & Workshops & Social
PRIVATE LESSONS in Wirral - Mondays & Thursdays - 6pm - 9pm or 1pm- 3pm - 
 from £20 per hour (address upon booking) - 1 Person or group upto 3 people. Book in advance as diary is booked up until November.

Liverpool - Charity Class at WHISC on Tuesdays 12.45pm (ENDED)

Sunday Workshops - October - Liverpool (TBC)
Intro to belly dance (all levels) £5 1 Hour
Creative dance workshop (experienced students) £7.50 for students who are members of my class or £15 2 Hours.

Social Hafla (party) Liverpool - December - Helens Fancy dress Dance Party in Southport (turkish meal) (my students welcome)

Classes Price -
£5 Taster class (try a class and see if you like it)
£45 10 week course (works out at £4.50 per class)
Concession / discount available (unemployed, over 65, students) contact for information.

Normal Price Link

Intro class Link

Other Lessons & Workshops & Social
PRIVATE LESSONS in Wirral-Mondays & Thursdays - 6pm - 9pm or 1pm- 3pm - 
 from £20 per hour (address upon booking) - 1 Person or group upto 3 people. Book in advance as diary is booked up until November.

Liverpool - Charity Class at WHISC on Tuesdays 12.45pm

Sunday Workshops - October - Liverpool (TBC)
Intro to belly dance (all levels) £5 1 Hour
Creative dance workshop (experienced students) £7.50 for students who are members of my class or £15 2 Hours.

Social Hafla (party) Liverpool - September  (my students welcome)

Price -
£5 Taster class (try a class and see if you like it. 1 taster per person)
£45 10 week course (works out at £4.50 per class)
Concession / discount available (unemployed, over 65, students) contact for information.

Normal Price Link

Intro class Link

I specialise in teaching a variety of authentic belly dancing styles, Choreographed dance routines, A little bit of history and mythology as well as safe dance techniques. The style taught is independent or a mix of Egyptian, Turkish and other forms of Middle Eastern, African , Americanised and Mediterranean belly, Folk & theatrical fusion dance. Belly dancing has so many styles also known as Orientale, Raqs Sharqi, Oryantal Dansi, Cabaret, Folkloric and theatrical fusion....just to name a few. *Please note this class is not Bollywood Zumba or any other style or theme 😁. It is strictly a belly dancing class which is amazing and fun enough all on its own. 
Hip Belts -
Coin hip belts and other props are provided for all to wear/use and return.
 Level & Suitability -
The course is suitable for absolute beginners to advanced belly dancing students. 
Women of all ages and body shapes are welcome. 
Venue & Space -
All venues are clean and tidy with an area to change, use of toilets with kitchens with drinking water. All follow heath and safety procedures and are public registered venues with floors suitable and safe for dance. There are 10-12 spaces per venue and must be be booked for reserve on the course.
Social Events & Performance Platforms -
Throughout the year there are many private belly dance social events and public community events myself and my dance class members are invited to as part of a group where you can socialise, Watch live entertainment or get involved in performing with the group if you want to (optional).
What To Wear -
Firstly you do not have to expose your tummy unless you want to.Wear whatever you feel comfortable to dance/exercise in. Most attendees usually wear gym wear or leggings/yoga pants with a fitted t-shirt/top. Some ladies wear special belly dance wear which can be purchased online while others opt for gypsy or maxi style skirts with cropped/belly top or bolero. The important thing is to make sure your clothing is comfortable and suitable to dance/exercise in and doesn't restrict you in anyway.
Footwear -
Dancing barefoot is perfect for belly dancing however if you prefer to wear shoes you can buy inexpensive flat belly dance, ballet or jazz pumps that are soft and may have a suede sole. When dancing on carpeted areas bring socks. 

About Belly Dancing-
Benefits -
Belly dancing is a fun uplifting style of exercise that has lots of health and fitness benefits. Unlike some forms of high impact dance exercise, Belly dancing is low impact meaning its easy on the body and joints. It incorporates resistance muscle strengthening, Flexibility stretches, Toning and sculpting movements and not to forget great cardiovascular exercise from travelling steps and a wide range of shimmies. Teamed together with my unique creative lesson planning you will never get bored learning how to belly dance at my class. Belly dancing is beneficial for women because you don't have to conform to a particular body shape. Its okay just to be you.
Social & Artistic Aspects-
Belly dancing is both a social form of dance and can be taken up as a hobby or as a serious artistic performance profession.
Fitness & Serious Hobby-
Belly dancing is great for those who are looking to try it out for the first time, Attend for the health and fitness benefits or to learn a culturally artistic and exotic skilled hobby. 

Booking & Price

Places & Space-
There's only 10-12 spaces at each venue. So booking in advance is essential 
Booking -
Call or email me to book your space. Come to the class on the start date.
Pay with cash at the class or in advance by PayPal or Postal order.
Deposit -
If you pay £5 taster class price in advance online or by postal order this acts as a deposit. Just come to the class on the start date and pay for the rest. 
Refunds -
No refunds. If you miss a class you are welcome to attend a class at another venue within the same course period. If I cancel a class you will be given a refund for classes left to be redeemed.

Frequently Asked Questions -

I have a health problem, Can I still come to class?
For more serious health problem, Before booking please have a word with your GP. If your GP says you are okay to attend then attend. 
For minor health problems you are responsible for your own well being. therefore if you don't feel well enough to take part then don't take part. I am not a medical professional therefore I am not qualified or insured to advise on medical conditions. When you come to class you will be asked to fill in a short student learner agreement that you should sign. This is in agreement that you want to take part in a class and you have followed the advice I have given in order to take part.

Can I Just Turn Up & Pay Weekly on a Drop in Basis?
No. This is a course and is not available for drop in. 

Why Does The Course Need to Be Booked and Paid for in Advance?
The sessions are part of a course. There are a set number of spaces and there is something to work towards. Each class is planned and tailored to the space and people that fill it. Some times people can be unreliable by not turning up once booked and not letting me know in advance. This can effect the flow of the course and it's not fair on the rest of the class who make an effort and are reliable. When you pay for something you are likely to make more of an effort with respect to the class. 
If you prefer drop in class please click the link at the top of the page to see if I am running any suitable and near you.

I am a Member of Another Class, Can I attend Your Classes?
Yes of course. The more classes you attend with many teachers the more you will learn. However do let your teacher know. *Don't turn up just to steal creative work, Be a nuisance or advertise your teachers services. It's unethical and lazy. I have banned one person for doing this therefore I have a no advertising policy at all my classes. 
If you have fell out with your teacher please don't come to class bad mouthing your teacher. It spreads negativity among the class. My class is a safe environment where everyone should feel relaxed.

Why Choose This Class?
why not? Come see if you like it for yourself. Past and present students are rarely disappointed. If you like it, You like it. If you don't, You don't.  Everyone is welcome to try a taster class at your own free will, Nothing more is expected from you other than to take part, Learn and enjoy yourself.

go to the new classes page for members of the class.

Tuesdays in Liverpool 12.45pm at WHISC, Bold street. (Free class at WHISC, first there first served) running untill august

Wednesdays 7pm in Liverpool city centre at Elliott Clarke, Old Haymarket. running untill August

£5 Taster (first class )
£6 other individual classes

Just Turn up! Pay as you go at class or by PayPal using the link below.

A Chance To Dance - Social 
Helen my dance friend has been lovely enough to invite our group to her fancy dress belly dancing party on Sunday 25th June in Southport. Just come and watch and have a 3 course Turkish meal, Watch fabulous Performances from belly dancing teachers and students and watch Entertainment. If you are up for Performance let me know 😀 there's a disco at the end.  - Meet at Liverpool train station and travel together on the day. 

What do I Wear
Wear exersise clothing or, a fitted top and leggings it a crop top if you want to. We dance bare foot at class but you can wear jazz or  ballet pumps or belly dance shoes. 

What should I bring with me?
A bottle of water, but don't worry if you forget all venues have drinking water and kitchens

What about props?

All props accessories & coin hip belts and scarves are provided for everyone to share wear and return at class

Can I just turn up or do I have to book?

I prefer classes to be booked as space may be limited but you could come to class on the off chance and there may be space.
You are more than welcome to pay as you go at class with cash however you do save money on block bookings. To book just email mail text or call me. 

Are there Performance opportunities & class social events?
Yes I am friends with other belly dancers in Merseyside who have always got parties haflas and other events running throughout the year. We regularly get invited to attend to watch and to perform. Also we have social days out and mini haflas at class. In the summer there are many community fêtes and events we have been invited to attend.

Scroll down and take a look around this page for all info. Or contact on 07900426091 taradanceinfo@gmail.com
Class info to the right >

About Me - 
Celebrating Our Womenhood 
My mother was a dancer and Dad is a musician. I formly studied dance and performing arts in my teens. I have been performing belly dance since 2003. I am a working dancer and have been hired to dance in restaurants all over Merseyside as well as attending events and parties all over the UK and some abroad. I have performed at The World museum among other places of education & culture. The classes have been printed in the media, Featured on TV & Radio. I started my own class teaching in 2012 and it all happened as if by magic when friends, family & the public offered me opportunities to teach because they like my style and methods. Five years later and the classes continue to grow in popularity creating lots of opportunities for both myself and my class attendees. Throughout I have trained with top teachers from UK, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Spain, America, Brazil & Italy and I still continue to learn more so my classes don't become stagnant or boring. Being fairly a new and younger teacher I bring a fresh approach and a new pair of eyes adding my own flair and I hope to train existing and​ new students who wish to take dancing to a serious level to become professional dancers and teachers to (watch this space!) I continue to run my classes for ladies of all ages & dance abilities giving everyone a chance to get involved & benefit from both the health and fitness aspects as well as the social aspects. My focus is to share the gift of dance with others from all walks of life. 💙Love Light Dance Laugh Live 💙

Classes Running Now
Booking preferred
07900426091 taradanceinfo@gmail.com
{Details to the right }

Mondays 7pm in Heswall (£5)

Tuesdays 12.45pm in Liverpool (free class)

Tuesdays in Liverpool 7pm (£5) (this class used to run on Wednesdays but because of my troupe Performance rehearsals I had to changed back to the original day I held this class in Liverpool which was Tuesdays

Saturdays 12pm in Hoylake (£5)

New time table updated soon! 

Price - 
£5 Taster Class
£16 4 week block (4 classes)
£24 6 week block (6 classes)
Ask about student discount

£7.50 2 hour workshop (learn more)
£5 per person intro workshop

Sunday in May or June TBC 12pm (2 hours)
Learn more. Choreography dance routine with Performance opportunities
Liverpool city centre
19th February in Liverpool - 10 spaces - SOLD OUT!!! Enquire about booking May \June Workshop! 
All workshops cost £7.50 per person for 2 Hours.

Class Social Outing 

{Helens Belly Dance Fancy Dress Party Southport}
Sunday June 25 at 12.30-5pm

My friend and fellow belly dancer Helen has kindly invited our group to her amazing and fun belly dance event in June. This is by invite only (not to the general public) the event is held at a local Turkish Restaurant and include a 2 or 3 course meal. There will be lots of teacher and student Performances (including myself) and a dance for all at the end. Students who are part of my class have an opportunity to attend alongside me. There are Performance opportunities for students that want to. If you prefer just to watch and have a meal that's fine.
This is a great opportunity to meet like minded people interested in belly dance entertainment and the arts, To get Performance experience and watch both Professional dancers and student dancers in action! 
Cost is £12-£15
{Meet at 11am & Travel together by Train }
8 Places in total (4 places already taken)

March & April Block of Classes (6 weeks)
May - 4 week block
June & July -6 Week block 
August workshops x2 weekends
September & October 6 week block
November & December 4 Week block 

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